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The Value of The Titan Way

January 08, 2021
By Dr. Troy P. Roddy
Greetings Titan family!
Schools serve many functions. From places of learning to laboratories for social engagement, children arrive each day curious about their world and eager to discover new things about themselves (even if they don’t admit it).
To provide for that experience, schools place a great deal of effort into being safe places. Safety takes many forms: physical, emotional, intellectual, etc. A safe learning environment can establish safeguards against many of the things that interfere, but often we are called to respond to circumstances that cannot be prevented because they arise from the human condition. For example, a child who has had his feelings hurt because a classmate won’t share is inevitable. However, how we respond as teachers to this will greatly influence the lesson each child involved needs to learn.
Over time, using a set of consistent principles provides a more predictable environment which, for children, is critical to their success. They hear messages that support healthy and safe learning experiences. They see adults they trust modeling behaviors that support a safe and collegial environment. At HTES, we use the Titan Way to guide this work. Our emphasis on Respect, Compassion, and Integrity is the foundation upon which we respond to the “lesson of the moment.” The Titan Way is our guide for providing the safe environment your child needs to thrive.
I share these thoughts today as I reflect on the events of this week, including the incident at our nation’s capital. As a teacher, I am often reminded of the weight of responsibility I carry. It is much greater than only making sure students learn what a textbook or curriculum guide suggests. Holy Trinity prepares students to live educated and meaningful lives. However, we do not decide for students entirely what that means. In other words, how a student lives such a life is greatly determined by his or her decisions and actions.
This is where the value of our Titan Way becomes more clear. Beyond reading, writing, math, critical thinking, and emotional intelligence (to name a few things), our students are challenged to develop a sense of respect, compassion, and integrity that can help guide them in moments they cannot learn from a textbook.
Ultimately, our great hope is to make the world kinder and smarter. We believe that the Titan Way moves us in that direction.
It’s a great time to be a Titan,