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A strong foundation for a living a learning  lifestyle begins in our Lower School (grades 1, 2, and 3).
Holy Trinity students actively engage in the process of learning and our teachers nurture curiosity and a love for learning within the framework of our exemplary curriculum. Creative thinking and analytical reasoning are encouraged in a vigorous learning education.
Private Elementary School
The Lower School curriculum emphasizes mastery of academic skills and content, as well as the development of social skills and character development.
Teachers meet curricular goals using sound teaching and learning strategies and seek to balance developmental and academic readiness. Essential study skills like note-taking and organization are included in daily work and projects. This way, students learn to apply these skills and are prepared to handle the challenges of learning.
Our Lower School teachers practice the Responsive Classroom approach to building positive learning environments.
This approach weaves students' social and emotional growth into their academic learning. The Responsive Classroom approach has been shown to increase academic achievement in elementary school students, decrease negative behavior, improve social skills, and raise the quality of instruction.