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Kindergarten marks the end of a student’s Early Childhood experience and begins the transition to Lower School; specifically, first grade. Students in Kindergarten learn and explore in a safe and fun environment while beginning to become more personally responsible for their choices. Every child, every day is given an opportunity to develop leadership skills and practice social interaction with others. They are encouraged through open-ended activities to contribute, take risks, make decisions and grow their natural curiosity.Private Kindergarten School
Recognizing that learning to read is a very individual and developmental process, we offer a multi-dimensional and all-inclusive approach that incorporates phonemic awareness, phonics, visual cues, decoding and coding words, and high frequency words with practical application in a literature-rich environment. In addition; Kindergarten includes hands-on math and science activities, STEM, social studies and geography, Spanish, STEM, art, music, religious study, and physical education.
Highlights of the Kindergarten year include:
  • Pumpkin dissection
  • Thanksgiving skit
  • Polar Express/Pajama Day
  • 101 Dalmatian Day
  • Dr. Seuss Day
  • Butterfly Observation
  • Year End Pool Party.