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Art at Holy Trinity is a student favorite! Our program encourages students to explore their imagination and creativity while being exposed to various elements of art education.
Specifically, students learn about:
  • Primary, secondary and tertiary colors
  • Elements and principles of design
  • Creating two and three-dimensional pieces
  • Use of acrylic paint, oil pastels, and watercolors
  • Various artists and how their work impacts culture
In addition, Holy Trinity  participates in the Houston Rodeo Art contest, in which student’s art is displayed for judging amongst other private schools at NRG stadium.
Our art class is the place “where everything you can imagine is real.” –Pablo Picasso


The music program at Holy Trinity creates a favorable musical environment in which every student can undergo the maximum musical growth consistent with his/her ability. The primary goal of our music program is to stimulate children’s interest in music and to help them make discoveries about its basic concepts.
Depending on the grade level, students will be expected to:
  • Sing and perform instruments alone and with others.
  • Learn to read and notate music.
  • Develop an understanding of relationships between music, the other arts, and disciplines outside the arts, including in relation to history and culture.
Beginning in 3rd grade, there is an instrument program that begins after the first quarter of the school year. Specifically; 3rd grade students use the recorder, 4th grade students choose between the recorder and ukulele, and 5th grade students choose from the recorder, ukulele, or classical guitar.
Musical performances during the year include songs at Christmas time Chapel services and an end of the year concert.