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Our most senior Titans, 5th graders, take on the additional responsibility of “student leaders” as they prepare to launch into middle School. Specific ways 5th grade “take the lead” include being official school ambassadors, designing a campus leadership project, partnering with younger students, and actively delivering our Chapel services.
5th Grade Private Middle School
The academic content of 5th grade includes items such as:
  • Language Arts: Literary analysis, academic essays, citations, vocabulary enhancement, and creative writing
  • STEM based projects
  • Math: Fractions and decimals, equations involving fractions, geometric equations, algebraic reasoning, spatial reasoning, and data analysis
  • History: Early U.S. History (Pre 1500- Civil War)
  • Science: Scientific method, physical science, biology, Earth science, astronomy
Highlights of the 5th grade year include:
  • Jesse Jones Park Community Service
  • Content Based In-Class Escape Room Challenges
  • Science Fair
  • Overnight class trip to promote community building, responsibility, and independence (locations TBA)