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Our youngest Titans are our 3K students. For many, this is the first time attending a full day school. Therefore, one of our goals is to instill a love for school and the ability to manage a daily routine.
The 3K class is a safe and nurturing environment where children learn about the world through structured and unstructured  play, and activity based centers. It is an active place that introduces children to a number of social skills (such as sharing, taking turns, and using good manners) and assists them in developing intellectual, emotional, and spiritual growth. In addition, students do numerous activities to strengthen their fine motor skills such as, learning to hold a pencil correctly, writing their name independently, and cutting with scissors.
Academically, some of the hallmarks of 3K include:
  • Literacy skills - letter recognition, learning vowels and consonants, phonics, read aloud stories (fiction and nonfiction), understanding that text runs from left to right, rhyming words, and syllables.
  • Math skills - number recognition up to twenty, rote counting, skip counting, shapes, patterns, sorting and graphing.
  • Science - use of magnets, magnifying glasses, safety goggles, measuring cups, taking nature walks, learning the life cycle of a butterfly, observing animals and their habitats, and learning about weather and seasons.
  • Social Studies - becoming familiar with their community, environment, and peers. Students learn about themselves, and how they fit into their community, family, and classroom.
Highlights of 3K year include:
  • A fall fun field trip to the Oil Ranch in Hockley, Texas.
  • A trip to the Houston Livestock and Rodeo.
  • Creating Valentine’s cards for a local nursing home.
  • Collecting personal hygiene items to provide soldiers actively serving in the military.