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Lower School officially begins in 1st grade. This is an exciting time in the life of a child as they move into the “numbered grades!” We recognize that development is uneven and 1st grade is often a year in which students demonstrate a wide range of ability and skills. However, this is what makes 1st grade awesome. Our small class size and teaching partnership with 2nd grade allows us to make the learning experience less stressful and geared more towards individual needs. Higher level reading and math skills are emphasized in 1st grade as well as the expectation that students self-manage their emotions and effort more than in the early childhood years. As such, it is expected that students begin to learn how to work collaboratively more in 1st grade as part of their social development.
1st Grade Private school
Examples of the academic goals of first grade include:
  • Literacy skills - decoding, fluency, comprehension, vocabulary development, sentence structure, punctuation, spelling, and handwriting
  • Math - number sense, addition and subtraction (up to 2 digit numbers), basic geometry, money, shape fractions, and measuring
  • Science/STEM - STEMscopes for 1st grade, lab safety, changes in matter, energy and motion, weather and seasons, living things and their environments
  • Social Studies - rules and laws, leaders and government, communities, our economy, maps/globes, world cultures, holidays, symbols of the United States
Highlights of 1st grade include:
  • Mastery of addition facts up to 20 and induction into the HTES Society of Sums
  • Field trip to a children’s play at theater (Main Street Theater or similar)
  • Mother’s Day Tea and Poetry Party