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Inspiring Hearts

Holy Trinity Episcopal School is a "people place" where nurturing relationships is the foundation of our work. Building from a set of core values, we are uniquely positioned to provide families with an outstanding "life preparatory" educational experience.

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Engaging Minds

A life preparatory education includes more than reading, writing, and math. At Holy Trinity Episcopal School, we provide a vigorous academic program that is based on the science of learning and best practices. Our core academic program is exemplary and is supported by a full complement of enrichment subjects including: Spanish, Art, Music, and Phys ...

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A Home, Not Just A Place

Holy Trinity Episcopal School inspires hearts and engages minds in an environment centered on relationships and serving our mission. One of the most remarkable results of this work is the genuine sense of community that exists. When you join HTES, you are not just choosing a school. You are joining a supportive community of teachers, parents, and s ...

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Mission Statement

Holy Trinity Episcopal School prepares students for higher education and a meaningful life experience through a program emphasizing academic excellence, spiritual development, and social responsibility.