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Inspiring Hearts, Engaging Minds

The Trinity Fund

Did you know the average cost of a Holy Trinity education is $13,560 per student?  
Did you know the average tuition for the 2016-2017 school year is $10,660 per student?  
In other words, your child’s tuition, on average, only covers 78.5% of the cost of a Holy Trinity education.  Leaving a per student gap of $2,900!  Hiring and retaining qualified staff alone is 70% of our operating budget.
Holy Trinity Episcopal School is blessed to be part of a community with a generous heart. For over 15 years, the amazing support we have received from our community for our annual giving campaign has demonstrated a strong belief in our mission to provide excellent academic preparation, spiritual growth, and social responsibility to each and every one of our students.  This year, we are proud to share with you our rebranded annual giving campaign - The Trinity Fund!
The Trinity Fund is how we subsidize every student’s education.
The Trinity Fund is an annual campaign to raise funds to improve the learning environment and experiences for our students.  This year’s Grow Now campaign theme epitomizes how the Trinity Fund will be used to help us achieve our current goals of growing intellectually and spiritually.  Specifically, your tax deductible contributions to our Grow Now campaign directly provide cutting edge technology tools for our students ($8,000), targeted professional development to our teachers ($10,000), and new classroom resources for students and teachers ($25,000).
Our 2016 Trinity Fund goal is $120 per month per student from every family!
Three levels of giving will be recognized this year:
Transformational Sponsor - $4,000
Grow Sponsor - $2,000
Titan Sponsor - $960
Giving to the Trinity Fund is easy! Help us Grow Now! 
Click here to give $120 monthly

Watch a special message from our staff and teachers here! Help us #GrowNow!