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Inspiring Hearts, Engaging Minds

Social Responsibility

In keeping with the three pillars of HTES, students and faculty endeavor to grow in the area of social responsibility.  We encourage our families to be role models of volunteerism by engaging in five hours of service each year.  
Our social responsibility initiative is divided into three areas of service learning.
Personal Accountability
  1. Responsibility for Self - the responsibility of every student for his/her actions. It is morally binding, and suggests that each person act in such a way that minimizes the adverse affect on those immediately around them. These ideas include academic honesty, compassionate treatment of peers, etc.
  2. Personal Motivation-a motivation to act for the benefit of society as a whole, “by benefiting others, we benefit ourselves”
  3. Personal Spirituality- combining these principles into your personal ethical structure based on God’s Word, your spiritual experience, and your family legacy.
Service Learning
  • All School Service Learning Project - Haiti
  • Family Service Learning Project - Hands of Holy Trinity Day
  • Classroom Service Learning Projects 
Global Citizenship
  • Environmental Awareness - being good stewards of God’s gifts
  • Humanitarian Awareness - being good friends to all of God’s people