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Inspiring Hearts, Engaging Minds

House System

Many years ago, students at Holy Trinity Episcopal School were organized into houses. Each house consisted of students from different grade levels, from different backgrounds, with different abilities, but with one common passion-to represent their school as the best Titan they could be. The house system has its roots dated all the way back to the early middle ages. The term house itself actually refers more to a gathering of pupils rather than a building. In the early Middle Ages people who were in search of education gathered under the supervision of a Master whom was responsible for learning, developing, and growing those pupils. Similarly, our teachers have been tasked to be representatives within each house, each student has been selected and placed into one of four houses where together they will learn, grow, and develop and grow #TitanStrong. 

This House system was lost for many years until the new, reinvigorated House system was re-installed here at Holy Trinity and kicked off with our unforgettable Clash of the Titans event in April 2016. 

Each Holy Trinity House is named after four core virtues: Courage, Strength, Honor & Excellence.  The name for each House is the the Greek word for each virtue.  Each House is also represented by a color and an animal symbolizing the said virtue.

Throughout the year there will be many individual and group house opportunities to win points towards the coveted House Cup. For example, participation in events on campus, athletic events, and academic competitions will all be opportunities to win points for each House. Also, in conjunction with our 7 habits and core values, each student will be under the supervision of all staff on campus and can be awarded points for displaying those disciplines during the school day. At the end of the year, all the house points will be totaled and at the last House chapel of the year, the House Cup will be awarded to the House with the most points. 

Each Holy Trinity student is placed in one of the following houses:

House Tharros (Courage) - The Eagle
House Dynami (Strength) - The Lion
House Timi (Honor) - The Bear
House Yperochi (Excellence) - The Owl