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Inspiring Hearts, Engaging Minds
College guidance counseling begins in 9th grade.  Our first graduating class received their diploma in 2011. Holy Trinity Episcopal School's 2012 - 2013 graduating class received more than $550,000 in scholarship opportunities.  The upper school program is based on four core principles: a small learning community, specialized curriculum and coaching, student support, and a productive, consistent climate.  
Upper school students take their ninth and tenth grade classes at Holy Trinity and their eleventh and twelve classes through the MECA Program – Modified Early College Academy - at San Jacinto Community College.  The MECA Program is a two year dual credit program for incoming high school juniors who take a set block of college courses each semester, classifying them as full-time college students.  These classes are staffed by college professors and filled by both high school and college students.
The courses at MECA supplement the program of studies offered at Holy Trinity Episcopal School.  Dual credit courses are designated as MECA classes on students’ official transcripts.  Each Holy Trinity student graduates with both a high school diploma and an Associates Degree.  The high school diploma follows the Texas Distinguished Curriculum.
Small Learning Community: teams of teachers collaborate and assist in cross-disciplinary approach
Specialized Curriculum and Coaching: advanced thinking skills aligned with student interests
Student Support: HTES and SJCC teachers partner to create an academically challenging program
Productive & Consistent Climate: establishes a “can-do” culture among the students
The curriculum is based on the Texas Distinguished Achievement Program
The grading is based on a 4.0 scale
SUBJECT                       YEARS                             SUBJECT                       YEARS
English                                 4                                  Social Science                      4         
Mathematics                      4                                  Science                                   4
Foreign Language              2                                  Fine Arts                                 1
Physical Education            1                                  Speech                                   .5
Electives                              5
30 hours of community service are required annually