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Inspiring Hearts, Engaging Minds

Early Adolescence is a time of important developmental advances that help to form a student's sense of identity. In our Middle School program, we foster the development of competency, independence, self-awareness, and their involvement in the world beyond their families.  Teachers and administration are sensitive to the needs of our adolescents by providing a supportive and nurturing environment as they grow both physically and cognitively. Holy Trinity Episcopal School emphasizes deep critical thinking, exploration and observation, and innovative, cross-curricular project learning.

Our rigorous and comprehensive curriculum provides a myriad of diverse experiences that are thought provoking, engaging, and reflective. In Middle School, students develop a “sense of industry” by collaborating they acquire quality interactions with others thereby impacting their pathways of learning. We focus on promoting executive functioning skills to generate memory retention, time management, flexible thinking and self-control. At Holy Trinity Episcopal School we are creating successful leaders with resilient 21st century skills.  

STEM program
Robotics- First Lego League
Fine Arts program
Local/National Academic Competitions
National Student Council
History Alive Day
Reading Rally