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Inspiring Hearts, Engaging Minds
Building a strong foundation for healthy development is an important prerequisite for lifelong learning. Holy Trinity Episcopal School focuses on engaging early childhood learners through innovative strategies to generate strong readiness skills. In the classroom, students develop and mature through observation, exploration, and innovation thereby fostering a lifelong love of learning. Shaping experiences through collaborative learning center activities, small groups and play, teachers develop cognitive-linguistic, emotional and social skills for all students. Small class sizes provide a nurturing, safe, and creative environment for children in Pre-Kindergarten 3 through Kindergarten.    

LOWER SCHOOL (1st - 4th grade)
Active learning and process inquiry in Lower School grades, provides students with opportunities to build upon their pathways of learning.  Holy Trinity Episcopal School engages minds through a comprehensive, research-based curriculum.  Interdisciplinary studies encourage an environment that is both nurturing and challenging. Teachers prepare students to be leaders, deep thinkers and compassionate citizens. The vigorous academic expectations of Lower School prepares students for Middle School.
In First through Fourth Grade, the emphasis is placed on the development of the whole child – spiritually, academically, socially, and emotionally. Teachers strive to instill a love of learning and a respect of themselves, others, and their own abilities. In addition, experiential learning extends classroom learning into the real world.  Lower school students interact with the world around them and showcase their learning through a variety of venues.