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Inspiring Hearts, Engaging Minds


Holy Trinity Episcopal School offers a solid foundation in core academic areas through developmentally appropriate, child-centered programs.  Creating global citizens through a unique college preparatory experience sets Holy Trinity apart from other schools in the area.

While helping young learners develop strong basic skills, teachers seek to lead their students from curiosity to wisdom by fostering a lifelong love of learning. As those young students mature into strong, independent learners our faculty strives to challenge each student to find their passion and begin a path to fulfill their calling.  

Core instruction in literacy and numeracy is combined with activity-oriented instruction in science and social studies.  Students become readers who can interpret and analyze what they read, express themselves clearly in writing, appreciate mathematics as a way of thinking, understand the basic principles of scientific inquiry, and comprehend history’s impact on today’s issues.

Students complete an enrichment project each year as a culminating event.  These projects seek to broaden and demonstrate learning while allowing students to explore areas that inspire deeper inspection.  

In addition to core offerings, each student receives instruction in the following areas:
  • Art
  • Music
  • Spanish
  • Technology
  • Physical Education
  • Religion
Each child is known and valued as an individual.  Small classes ensure individualized attention and allow teachers to provide help and enrichment as needed. With an enrollment of approximately 130 students, HTES is a community where parents, teachers, and administrators develop close working relationships in the best interest of each student.