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Inspiring Hearts, Engaging Minds
Mission Statement

To prepare students for higher education and a meaningful life experience through a program emphasizing academic excellence, spiritual development, and social responsibility. 

Vision Statement

Within a diverse community that values each individual as a child of God, we seek to nurture the truth-seekers and leaders of tomorrow.  The school has at its foundation the faith and tradition of the Episcopal Church and its historic commitment to the ministry of education. 

Our philosophy of education

We recognize each child as a unique creation of God.

We are committed to discovering, nurturing, and developing each child's individual gifts, while guiding the child toward the maturity necessary to manage his or her own learning.

We actively seek a diverse student body and welcome children of all races, cultural backgrounds, and religious faiths.

Statements of Purpose
  1. A caring community of learners where teachers, as well as students, are continually seeking opportunities to learn, to discover, to be the change they want to see in the world

  2. Student learning is the central driving force behind all that we do

  3. A safe, caring, nurturing community in which every student has the opportunity to learn and grow intellectually, socially, and spiritually, while developing their God given talents in a challenging, individualized and positive setting

  4. Classrooms in which students are actively engaged in meaningful tasks which have been thoughtfully designed to facilitate student exploration.

  5. A community where teachers thoughtfully and collaboratively design aligned assessments to identify the achievements and areas of support necessary for individual students, so as to give effective feedback that will facilitate improved student learning

  6. Classrooms that foster curiosity, where students and teachers independently seek answers to essential questions and reflect on their own learning in an effort to develop the enduring understandings and creative problem skills necessary to solve problems personally, within a community and globally

  7. A community that encourages respect, service, love of lifelong learning, cooperation of teachers, parents, and students to exceed our established expectations